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MAJELLA: The Mother of the Mountains

Doing ski mountaineering in Abruzzo, placed halfway between Rome and the Adriatic Sea, might sound strange; but the vast, isolated and little-frequented mountains, the infinite spaces with the sea view and the hospitality of this Italian region will literally make you falling in love! The shapely Majella mountains do not reach the grandeur of the Alps but they are offering everything that a demanding and complete ski mountaineer is looking for: large differences in altitude, steep slopes, couloirs, but also gentle and funny excursions with moderate slopes and a satisfying sea view once reaching the top. In short, pure fun! The biodiversity and pristine environments of these mountains are protected by the Majella National Park. They are home to a typical wildlife which is often visible even nearby the villages: the Abruzzo wolf and the Marsican bear add charm to a unique environment. The cherry on top of this ski mountaineering journey is the typical cuisine that offers simple and genuine dishes with excellent wines! A real 5 star trip!
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