The best Sghiada ever!

Imagine a beautiful Cuneo valley, Valle Gesso, beautiful spring snow, a mountain guide like Adriano Ferrero who knows the area like the back of his hand and a group of 5 friends with a passion for ski mountaineering but also with a great desire to have fun together : here you have the perfect ingredients for a “Sghiada”! Four days of ski mountaineering in the mountains behind the house, far from all thoughts and stress (which are quite a lot in this period), thinking only of having fun on skis and partying once you get back to the refuge. The "sghiada" is all of this, and obviously the above ingredients cannot miss a refuge manager like Andrea Cismondi, manager of the Casa Savoia in Terme di Valdieri and of the Valasco refuge, in the heart of Valle Gesso, who made us feel like at home and treated us like gentlemen, in an alpine refuge in the middle of winter. We spent 4 wonderful days in the stupendous Valle Gesso, we made demanding trips such as the crossing to the Punto Nodale or the climb to Rocca La Paur, we skied on beautiful spring snow: but the "sghiada" is not only this, there are not only 4 fantastic ski mountaineering trips, but it's all together, it's an experience to be lived to the fullest of friendship and immersion in nature. No self-respecting ski mountaineer can miss the "sghiade" experience with Adriano Ferrero!

Alessandro Borea

Safe emotions

Adriano gives emotions in safety, this is my experience with him in a nutshell. As always, he amazes for his knowledge of the places, the careful search for unconventional itineraries, sometimes non-trivial, but always consistent with the people he leads to the mountains. Oh yes, a characteristic of him is to adapt the trips to the pace, technical skills and expectations of the "clients".

Paolo Canavese

What skiing!

"A trip to the mountains is not just a simple excursion but a small journey, there is waiting, preparation, the discovery of a new or already known but still new place (because in the mountains every trip is different even if it is always the itself, the conditions, the weather, the company change), the pleasant anxiety of the unpredictable and the unexpected and the joy when you reach your goal, the greater the greater the fear of not making it La sghiada is all these things together and something more, amplified by sharing intense moments with other people in a reality that is close in km, in our Alps, but very far from everyday life.. a zero km adventure that tastes like exploration.. because to explore you don't need to go far.. and then what could be more beautiful than being lulled for a few days by a ski descent on the snow and by the sight of a starry sky outside the door of a shelter?

Luigi Barile

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